Active Roster

2018-19 Board:

Owner (Public Relations, Community Outreach & Co-Founder) – Molly Jacob:

Brenton is my son and quite naturally, I am his Mother, which is why I’m on the Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund Board.

Manager (President) – Ed McCarthy:

I joined the BJMF to ensure that every child in our community has the opportunity to participate in and experience the joy, friendships and life lesson offered by athletics.

Third Base Coach (Vice President & Co-Founder) – Erica O’Rourke:
Brenton’s Sister

Bench Coach (Operations Manager) – Kym Gering:I am on the BJMF Board because BJ was a good friend of mine for many years and he ultimately introduced me to my future husband.

Player’s Agent (Treasurer) – Jonathan Gering:

BJ & I have been friends since pre-school.  It only seems natural to be a part of this board to keep his memory alive.

Hitting Coach (Marketing) – Nick Rappa:I played American Legion Baseball with Brenton.  I find it extremely important to make sure all kids have the opportunity to play youth sports no matter what.  We should do whatever we can to make sure that this is not taken away from children.

Equipment Manager (Event Coordinator) – Rachel Bernardo:I was good friends with Brenton for many years.  Serving on the BJMF board and helping others is a great way to remember this amazing person!

Pitching Machine (Associate Member & Co-Founder) – Jim Capellupo Jr.:

I was fortunate enough to coach Brenton for 3 years and get to know an excellent baseball player, but an even better person.  Being a part of the Brenton Jacob Bomber Classic allows me to honor the memory of Brenton and at the same time play a small role in helping young people who might not be able to afford youth sports,participate in the sport they love.  This organization helps children develop the same character traits that Brenton embodied: strong work ethic, teamwork and integrity.

Designated Hitter (Associate Member & Co-Founder) – Jimmy D’Ambrosio:What a great way to honor Brenton, who I have learned sports were such an important part of his life!  The BJMF gives others the chance to experience the joy of playing sports.  Just like Brenton, I hope they learn life long lessons that will assist them later in life.

Team Physical Therapist (Associate Member & Co-Founder) – Chris O’Rourke:Brenton’s Brother-In-Law

First Base Coach (President Emeritus & Co-Founder) – Rosanne Fabi:

Brenton was a childhood friend of my son and they graduated together from ERHS in 2004.  Losing him was a great loss to many.  The Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund has become a way to honor Brenton’s memory, while giving new generations of local children a chance to participate in youth sports and to discover all of life’s lessons that experience can hold. 

Scouting Directors (Co-Founder’s):

Pat Cragg:

Rosanne  Fabi presented this idea to honor Brenton’s memory to Chris Bouchard and myself over dinner.  I knew Brenton growing up through Chris’ and Rosanne’s sons.  I was always affected by his sweet demeanor and shy smile.  Helping our village children play sports was extremely important to me.  Knowing how it builds character, team building skills, strong bodies and clear thinking, I wanted to be part of the founding board of directors.  Time well spent.

Dawn & Don Brien:

We were honored to participate in the formation of the Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund.  We loved Brenton and shared so many wonderful baseball memories with him and his family as our sons played ball together and attended the Williamsport baseball camp.  It is a pleasure to see future young players have the same opportunity to enjoy the sport Brenton loved.

Maggie & Scott Ball

Brenton and our son David were lifelong friends.  He became a member of all our kids “gangs”.  His heartbreaking passing inspired Scott and I to join in the effort to pass on Brenton’s love of others by helping others.  Brenton’s memory will always live on in our hearts.