Past Events

2018 ER/Pittsford Little League Opening Day:

2018 Winter Team Meal:

2017 Brenton Bomber Classic:

2016 Brenton Bomber Classic:BrentonBomberClassic-226BrentonBomberClassic-4BrentonBomberClassic-9BrentonBomberClassic-58BrentonBomberClassic-30BrentonBomberClassic-191BrentonBomberClassic-190BrentonBomberClassic-181BrentonBomberClassic-33BrentonBomberClassic-78BrentonBomberClassic-129BrentonBomberClassic-123BrentonBomberClassic-131BrentonBomberClassic-146BrentonBomberClassic-159BrentonBomberClassic-1492016 East Rochester Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser to Benefit the BJMF:

The East Rochester Chamber of Commerce hosted a fundraiser for the Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund on July 18 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Northside Inn.  Some of the best food in East Rochester was enjoyed, while supporting a great cause!  All registration feeds went toward the BJMF.

Inaugural 2013 Brenton Bomber Classic: