Brenton Bomber Classic 2016 Revisited

We’re gearing up for 2017’s Brenton Bomber Classic, and we thought the best way to get into the spirit would be to revisit some of last year’s best photos.

BrentonBomberClassic-226 BrentonBomberClassic-4 BrentonBomberClassic-9 BrentonBomberClassic-58 BrentonBomberClassic-30 BrentonBomberClassic-191 BrentonBomberClassic-190 BrentonBomberClassic-181 BrentonBomberClassic-33 BrentonBomberClassic-78BrentonBomberClassic-129 BrentonBomberClassic-123 BrentonBomberClassic-131 BrentonBomberClassic-146 BrentonBomberClassic-159 BrentonBomberClassic-149 BrentonBomberClassic-218The next Brenton Bomber Classic is going to be on July 22, 2017 at Edmund Lyon Park from 11-2. Don’t miss it!

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