The Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund

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The Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund supports East Rochester youth to participate in village sports regardless of financial need.


Capture2The Brenton Jacob Memorial Fund was founded in 2013 to honor 2004 ERHS graduate, who died unexpectedly from pneumonia at the age of 26.

Brenton was a devoted baseball fan and talented player throughout his life. His passion for the sport was ignited during his first experiences on the field through the East Rochester Little League Program. The rules of the game symbolized life lessons for Brenton, which helped shape the respectful, dedicated, and caring young man we will always remember. Our organization honors his memory and offers opportunities for East Rochester children to discover their passion and talent, regardless of economic status.



“I had never felt more at home in all my life. Baseball was my language, religion, political affiliation. I bled the red stitches. Everything I learned in life, I learned between the chalked lines of the diamond.”

– Brenton Jacob